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Hi, my name is Anthea and I have no idea what I'm doing.

Fundamentally, I'm a fan-writer. I'm [archiveofourown.org profile] antheeia on the archive.
I love writing, although I haven't posted nearly as many fan-fictions as other productive people have. The reason for it is that I just recently (two years ago) started writing in english, and that I dislike my previous works enough to leave them on my old accounts and pretend they don't exist.

To know more about me, to see a list of my fandoms and check out other websites I'm on, check out my carrd.

I'd like to make this blog a place where I can put all my writing (fan-fictions and original) and things related to fandom and fic exchanges (dear author letters, etc).

Personal posts are locked and not that frequent. Public posts are to be comments about stuff I'm watching, reading or playing, fan-fictions, original stories, stuff about my OCs, occasionally meta.

I'm italian, so some rare posts might be in italian and some in english; they'll be tagged accordingly (eng and ita tags).
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Dear Author,

Thank you for writing for me!

I'm very passionate about Original Works lately and I can't wait to read what you have in store for me! I am very enthusiastic about this exchange and I hope it turns out to be a nice experience for you; I wish you luck with both your gift and your assignment/treats (I, for one, am very easy to please, I promise!).

I'm [archiveofourown.org profile] antheeia on ao3 and I hope these ideas can help you out with your creating. However, consider them just as (in some cases pretty vague) suggestions in case you're unsure of what to do. If you already have an idea that doesn't go against my DNWs, then please go with it! I'd be happy to read it. The sections can vary in length, but I assure you that I'd be equally psyched to receive each and every single thing I requested.

I request OW whenever allowed in exchanges, so you can check my old letters if you want to get better acquainted with my tastes.

Should you be in doubt/want to ask me something, I encourage you to reach out to the mods. I'm very flexible about my DNWs, and most of them are just things I'm picky about/less likely to enjoy; something that isn't in there is almost surely fine (unless I forgot something, but I don't think I did). Either way, if you want to make sure I'd be okay with something I'd be happy to clarify.

Thank you in advance for creating something for me!

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The premise for this could be the superhero taking his nemesis' amnesia as the perfect opportunity to turn the Supervillain around, or maybe guilt as he was the one to cause the amnesia during a fight. Either way I'd love for him to discover his nemesis' vulnerabile side and fall in love with it. I'd love to see a lot of denial and conflicted feelings, but also a lot of soft, kind moments when the villain's amnesia causes him to be frustrated or hurt.
Maybe the villain falls in love with the superhero, too, and the hero finds himself in the painful position to choose if he should tell him the truth about what he was or not. Maybe the villain used to be sexually exploited before becoming a villain and he reverts back to that point in his life, and the Superhero cannot accept his advances despite wanting to.
I really just want enemies to lovers, maybe gentle sex (if you feel like smut) and all the amnesia tropes you can think about.

Retired Supervillain/Wannabe Superhero who knows his Identity & Keeps Asking for Advice (M/M)


Undercover Cop/Mob Boss He's Trying to Take Down & Mob Boss In Love With Man He Knows Is An Undercover Cop/Cop Who Doesn't Realize He's Been Found Out



Underage requests
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Media type: fic

Ratings: Any

These prompts have at least one underage character implied. The relationship doesn't have to be sexual if it's romantic (healthily or not), nor it has to be romantic if it's sexual. I would love smut, if you're up for it, unless the underage character is extremely underage.

In general what I'd like to read in this requests is:

  • resourceful/stubborn/bratty underage character;
  • horror/horror vibes;
  • atmospheric landscape descriptions (regardless of what setting the fic might be);
  • unexpected fragility/tender moments.

Male Longhaul Trucker/Little Boy Hitchhiker

For some reason, this request really spoke to me.

I like the on-the-road setting: when I read this prompt the first time, I could imagine the slow-paced, monotonous views and the lazy, boring hours of travel spent doing nothing, the suffocating heat of the asphalt in summer or the frigid winter wind howling outside of the truck. At first I imagined this in a contemporary or recent-past setting, but I could also see it perfectly with a sci-fi twist (futuristic scenarios and roads, maybe there's aliens, cyborgs, robots or AIs involved), a (post-)apocalyptic setting (desolate lands and that "each man for himself" kind of mood), or a urban fantasy one!

A few ideas about the characters involved:

  • The boy: why is he hitchicking? Depending on the setting, the answer could be very different. He could range from a naive runaway boy just looking to leave a conservative family, to a lost robot who got his memory wiped, to an orphan, indipendent teen who's trying to survive in a destroyed, lawless world, to an immortal supernatural being looking for a victim.
  • The trucker: I can imagine him from young to middle aged and, depending on the setting, the content of his truck could be very important (maybe he's transporting the key to bring back civilization), plot relevant (maybe his load contains spare parts that will help the robot-boy) or absolutely irrelevant.
  • Why does the trucker stop for the boy? He could have met him on a gas station and decided to help out of kindness, or he could be ill-intentioned and offer him a ride because he seems like an easy "prey" (but is he really? Maybe he's actually dangerous or not as naive as he seems, or maybe he is very innocent and pure and the guilt changes the trucker's plans.); or maybe, the trucker doesn't want him aboard and yet the boy sneaks in.

Prince Cursed with Monstrous Form/Runaway Teen Boy Who Takes Refuge in a Seemingly Abandoned Castle

This one materialized in my mind immediately as a horror fairytale-esque sort of story, with snow and winter wind forcing the boy into the huge castle covered with weeds and him slowly discovering the place is not as abandoned as it seems. Unexplainable magic, a creepy, scary presence slowly revealing itself, horrendous details and maybe even a happy ending.

What kind of monstrous form has the prince been cursed with? I imagine it as a beastly form, maybe with scales and fangs, something that makes his face deformed and absolutely repulsing but affects his whole body as well. And can the curse be broken, and can the boy help with it? Does he want to from the beginning and does he change his mind?

I'd love to see how the two of them, prince and teenage boy, come to grow closer to each other, and how the boy learns to know what's hidden behind the monstrous appearance, and also what's behind the rage, the fury and the violence the prince shows sporadically.

Maybe in the end the curse is lifted and the prince goes back to his reign, or maybe it doesn't get lifted and the prince and the teen find their own special kind of happiness! As long as you get me a happy end, I'm on board with everything!

Good luck and have fun!

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Hey everyone,
Today was Yuletide fic reveals time and so I got my gift!

And what a gift!
I couldn't have hoped nor prayed for anything better suited to me than this fic. It had everything I asked for and more and it was twice as beautiful as I had imagined in my wildest dreams. 10k of wonderful goodness and it's still difficult to realise it was for me, that someone sat down, took all the things I mentioned in my yuletide letter thinking that no one would ever write them, and slapped them into a wonderfully crafted fic with such love and skill poured into it.

Please, if you know Empire of Corpses, do yourself a favour and read it.

Semper Fidelis (9175 words) by [archiveofourown.org profile] dollyfish
Fandom: 屍者の帝国 | Shisha no Teikoku | Empire of Corpses
Chapters: 1/1
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Major Character Death, Rape/Non-Con
Relationship: John M. Watson/Friday
Characters: John M. Watson, Friday, Hadaly Lilith, Frederick Burnaby, Minor Characters
Additional Tags: Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism, Angst, Pre-Canon, Sex, Necrophilia, dub-con, Grief/Mourning, Graphic Description of Corpses
On one hand: the Royal Investigative Department 'W' of Britain found J. M. Watson guilty of high treason by virtue of stealing and autonomously developing advanced Corpse Technology.
A bourgeois family is left with a grave they cannot mourn over.
The Notes of Victor haven't been seen for generations.

On the other: Friday loved John enough to fill 21 grams.
Why you should read it: because it's skillfully written, with so much love poured into it that it honestly deserves all the love in the world. Because it makes you feel so viscerally for Watson. Because every line is poetry. Because it'll make you cry a lot. It's simply a wonderful fic.

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Fandom: None - Original Story
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Character(s)/Relationship(s): Original Non-Human Character(s)
Words: 2526
Warnings: Deities, Shapeshifting, Death, POV First Person, Present Tense

A binary star is a star system consisting of two stars orbiting around their common barycenter.
My name sounds nicer when he says it — he pours molasses on it by just caressing it with his tongue.

I appreciate the intoxicating thrill of gliding and sweeping through the air, the adrenaline of a nosedive when you pull out of it at the last possible moment. )

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Fandom: None - Original Story
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Character(s)/Relationship(s): Original Non-Human Character(s)
Words: 2093
Warnings: Deities, Shapeshifting, POV First Person, Present Tense

The God of Death has questions to ask, but no one to answer them.

I walk up the marble stairs, semi-translucent white with thin black veinings like wrinkles, and the intended sense of grandeur is lost on me, consumed by the opulence of greek limestone. A long time ago, temples used to be like homes to their Gods, built out of adoration and love; if anything, this building was built out of fear. It reeks of dread, the one thing that humans, Gods, demons and angels all have in common when they recognise me.

I appreciate the intoxicating thrill of gliding and sweeping through the air, the adrenaline of a nosedive when you pull out of it at the last possible moment. )

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Fandom: None - Original Story
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Character(s)/Relationship(s): Original Non-Human Character(s)
Words: 2093
Warnings: Deities, Shapeshifting, Violence, POV First Person, Present Tense

Aion has a certain academic interest in the activities of his new acquaintance.

I always believed there’s a certain elegance in Death: it is the end of what’s ephemeral, the beginning of eternity. It’s supreme, ruthless and terrifying. That’s because, to the God of Death, death is everything that matters, and everything that exists only exists for the sake of, one day, meeting its end. And yet, it’s difficult to reconcile this image with that of Death herself, standing in front of me in the form of a boy in his early teens.

My eyes are following the lines of a book, but I’m not paying attention. )

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Fandom: None - Original Story
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Character(s)/Relationship(s): Original Non-Human Character(s)
Words: 2093
Warnings: Deities, Shapeshifting, POV First Person, Present Tense

In a tea room like many others, in an English town like many others, a boy is sitting alone at his table. A strange new client catches his attention.

He ordered marmalade buns. The waitress places two of them in front of him and he promptly digs the tips of his fingers into them, breaking them into two pieces before bringing one peach-marmalade-dripping half to his mouth and biting it while I loathe his manners. His teeth flash white when he bites it — they would be unnaturally bright for a human, but I know he isn’t one.

I can’t help but raise my head to look at him. )

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Fandom: None - Original Story Rating: Teen and Up Audiences Character(s) / Relationship(s): Original Non-Human Character(s) Words: 9095 Warnings: Deities, Shapeshifting, Death, Violence, POV First Person, Present Tense

The life of a God is boring. They have all the time in the world, but they spend it in solitude and aimlessness.
And yet sometimes something unexpected happens.
Sometimes even Gods step out of their solitude and develop a bond with each other.
But at what price?

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"I'm happy for you," you say
    but are you?
 are the pain in your chest
            and the tears you're holding back
 in the corner of your eyes

 when you lie like that, be careful
 that you're lying to them
                           and not fooling yourself

— Self-deception is the process of convincing oneself of a truth (or lack of truth) so that one does not reveal any self-knowledge of the deception. // a.

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If you like gaming, you probably know how expensive it is. There are so many games and so little time and money! Now, I can't help you with time, sadly, but for the second problem, if you're a PC gamer I have a solution.

I do not support piracy, and I think that one should always prefer to buy games legally. Developers put a lot of work in games and they deserve to get back something! "But I'm poor and I really want that game!" you might argue. Well, me too! But there's quite a number of ways to get pc games for extremely cheap prices and I'm going to explain how.

First of all, let's examine the main digital PC games stores! )

Now that we have an outline of the main shops around, let's get back to the main topic: saving money and getting pc games for cheap!

My first and main advice is subscribing to isThereAnyDeal.com

This website is probably... )

Coming soon:
  • earning Steam credit from selling game cards
  • the beautiful world of bundles
If you have corrections, or suggestions for other websites and tricks you want me to talk about, feel free to comment or contact me.
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Fandom: Vatican Miracle Examiner
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Character(s)/Relationship(s): Roberto Nicholas/Josef Lucolas Bartrich, (side) Hiraga Josef Kou/Roberto Nicholas
Words: 2329
Warnings: Angst, Grief/Mourning
Note: Originally posted on February 14th, 2018.

Roberto has a personal tradition related to Valentine’s Day. It has to do with a love long lost and with his own regrets.

That illusion that is typical of youth, the delusion that you have all the time in the world, is what Roberto Nicholas blames for one of his oldest and more painful regrets.

For a Catholic priest, Saint Valentine's Day is usually celebrated with nothing more than a mention of in him in that day's Mass. In Rome, people who are particularly devoted to the Saint usually make the most of the occasion and go see one of Saint Valentine's relics, specifically his flower crowned skull, which is exhibited in the Basilica of Santa Maria in Cosmedin. )
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"Il morbo di Haggard" di Patrick McGrath
copertina del libroLondra, 1940. Mentre nel cielo incrociano gli Spitfire e i Messerschmitt di Göring, il dottor Haggard riceve la visita di James Vaughan, un giovane aviatore che gli si presenta con una frase letale: «Penso che lei abbia conosciuto mia madre». Strappato di colpo alle sue fiale di morfina e al culto feticistico di una donna perduta per sempre, Haggard intraprende una lunga, tormentosa confessione, raccontando per la prima volta la vicenda che tre anni prima ha distrutto la sua vita. Ma nel ricostruire il décor e le atmosfere di un amore feroce e claustrofobico, tutto consumato fra stanze in penombra, strade immerse nella nebbia, teatri d’anatomia popolati dai fantasmi di un’ossessione, Haggard si rende conto di avere ancora una volta liberato una forza oscura e terribile, una forza che ora lo spinge irresistibilmente verso il ragazzo e che l’inquietante somiglianza fra questi e sua madre non basta a spiegare. Ed è come se le pagine di questo intenso romanzo fossero avvolte dall’aura di un morbo senza nome – lo stesso che (forse) abita nell’amore e che sembra trasformare Vaughan in qualcos’altro e noi nei voyeur della sua trasformazione.
(source: adelphi)

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